About us

Who we are

Fine Envirotech Engineers (FEE) is an independent international environmental consultancy firm, owned and headed by Dr. U. S. Kulkarni. We are one of the top environmental consultants in India with expanding their zone of service to Middle Eastern countries, Europe, USA, etc. We are dynamic, responsive and fast growing company with an expanding network of offices.

Dr. Kulkarni and his team of experts provide multidisciplinary advice on a wide range of strategic and project specific environmental and sustainability issues. In particular we specialize in environmental impact assessment, environmental management strategies, risk analysis and disaster management plans, CRZ management plans, and other related management systems and consent procedures for both private and public sector clients. We also have a wide client base in waste management, water treatment, infrastructure and building, railways, planning and development, manufacturing, etc.

We as a group understand the value of inter-disciplinary approach which forms an essential part of a sustainable society. We have our own group companies that deal with different aspects of our goal and also have associations with other firms for the same purpose.

What we do

We have experts who specialize in different sectors, fields and types of projects that we undertake and have acquired in-depth knowledge regarding these. We are able; therefore, to support our clients on major projects across the different sectors in which we specialize, with multi-disciplinary teams that work under the guidance of Dr. U. S. Kulkarni. Alternatively, we are able to provide expert advice on a single technical or professional issue. We listen and understand our clients’ needs and provide first class customer care and straightforward advice. However, we are also pro-active and not afraid to make suggestions that we consider will assist our clients attain their strategic objectives.

We are also organized so that clients can regard all of our employees as a single resource pool, which can be internationally deployed so as to ensure that clients’ get the right technical professionals for their projects. Our operations are not hindered by inter-office budgets or inter-company politics and this enables projects to be completed as efficiency and as timely as possible.

We are friendly and provide our clients with commitment, quality and good value. We also foster long term relationships with our clients and their employees which Dr. Kulkarni has personally developed and maintained for more than two decades now.